PrinTex® Core

A reliable core that streamlines the production process.

Producers require a high quality core but in smaller quantities and increased colour variations, all at a lower price. PrinTex® has been designed to help ease the pressures experienced by textile producers and at the same time meet their needs in terms of performance and value.

Our cores not only improve color recognition for customers, they are low cost and improve production efficiency. The PrinTex® production process increases our manufacturing flexibility and allows us to focus on meeting your just-in time needs. This JIT delivery offers numerous benefits such as lower inventory costs, improved cash flow and a decrease in manual labor cost. Contact Sonoco Alcore® for more information regarding PrinTex and its ability to meet your performance and cost reduction requirements.

Benefits in Brief

  • High number of colour variations available
  • For Nylon and Polyester Yarn
  • Reduced inventory costs
  • Streamlined manufacturing process 
  • Improved colour recognition 
  • Decreased manual labour cost

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