The efficiencies of IntelliTexCore identification technology can reduce mistakes in the process with a 100% identification of the product and can simplify the complete supply chain.

The accuracy of IntelliTexCore Textil tube identification technology enables manufacturers to save significant money by reducing lost inventory and ghost waste, reducing the need for working capital, eliminating costly manual tracking and simplify data tracing in the complete process.

Full Transparency in the Supply Chain

Thanks to our partnership with SAHM, we're able to offer a high degree of flexibility with the IntelliTexCore RFID. This technology allows each coil to be traced exactly using an RFID chip in the that's integrated in the sleeve. 

Benefits in Brief

  • Monitor and verify shipping and delivery
  • Monitor all process steps and storage visibility
  • Minimize buffer stocks and working capital requirements
  • Monitor and streamline production in real time
  • Eliminate mix-up, manual work and waste due to inaccurate input and damaged labels
  • Cut manual stocktaking errors and hours
  • Optimize worker/operator productivity
  • Ensure accurate order fulfillment

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