Hi-Radius Cores

Our revolutionary Hi-Radius core significantly decreases yarn breaks and eliminates the use of plastic caps by delivering a core with a higher radius on the unwinding side.

The Issue/Problem

One of the biggest issues in today’s polyamide and polyester yarn manufacturing process is machine downtime caused by yarn breakage during unwinding. Typically, polyamide and polyester yarn producers have used a straight cut paper core with a plastic cap during the unwinding process which does not fully meet their needs. When this method is used the yarn often snags or catches during unwinding, causing it to break. This leads to costly machine downtime and high yarn waste. The Hi-Radius core has been designed to meet the needs of yarn manufacturers by delivering a core that significantly reduces yarn breaks and maximizes yarn production, delivering numerous cost savings.

The Hi-Radius Core Solution

The revolutionary Hi-Radius core from Sonoco Alcore® significantly decreases the number of yarn breaks and eliminates the use of plastic caps by delivering a core with a higher radius on the unwinding side of the core. By increasing the radius we supply a smoother surface core with a larger rounded edge which meets the requirements for efficient unwinding. This rounded edge allows the yarn to flow smoothly off the package because it does not snag or break as it is removed. Cost savings are also delivered by removing the use of plastic caps which can easily become damaged or lost during production. A typical producer needs between 1,000 and 4,500 depending on their manufacturing process. By using the Hi-Radius core all these costs are removed, providing a core which offers superior value and performance.

Benefits in Brief

  • Decreased yarn breaks leads to less machine downtime and increased productivity
  • No use of plastic unwinding caps - save cost and handling time
  • Reduced waste as plastic caps are not needed
  • Unwind until the end of the bobbin leads to no wasted yarn
  • Hi-Radius Core is 100% recyclable

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Case Study

Eliminating Product Waste

Our polyester yarn manufacturer customer used a standard core with plastic winding caps and experienced yarn breaks during unwinding, which forced them to downgrade the yarn type from A to B and sell it at a lower price. They also could not unwind all of the yarn. The customer began using our Hi-Radius core has a smooth, rounded edge on the unwinding end, which allows the producer to avoid using plastic caps. This solution is especially effective if our customer is spinning and texturising the yarn in-house. The customer is now 100% break-free, and back at yarn type A, delivering over a six-figure cost savings and increased efficiency. Additionally, they eliminated plastic cap cost and can now unwind to the end of the core, so no product is wasted.

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