Textile Cores

We pioneer new product development for man-made fiber yarn producers, enabling producers to maximise string-up efficiency and increase productivity, all with flexible and just-in-time (JIT) delivery.

PrinTex® Core

PrinTex® has been designed to help ease the pressures experienced by textile producers and at the same time meet their needs in terms of performance and value.

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Textile tube Identification technology from Sonoco Alcore is a breakthrough, embedded core technology that enables automatic Textile tube inventory.

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Hi-Radius Cores

Our revolutionary Hi-Radius core significantly decreases yarn breaks and eliminates the use of plastic caps by delivering a core with a higher radius on the unwinding side.

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With EcoSPAN, we have the unique capability to customize the friction performance of the core surface to match the unique requirements of your spandex product.

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Case Study

Maintaining Minimal Inventory with PrinTex

Our customer, a man-made fibre yarn producer, used a wide variety of cores with various outside ply parchment designs to identify the different yarn and filament types produced for its various customers. This meant they had to keep over 400 pallets of stock to ensure they had the outside ply designs needed when one of their customers placed an order. Instead of using various outside ply designs and parchment papers, our PrinTex core has a white outside ply in which we can print a variety of different colours, numbers and symbols. We can also print a variety of designs on the outside of the ply, including letters, numbers, stripes and symbols. Additionally, our production process ensures the ink does not bleed into the yarn. Our customer can maintain minimal inventory-reduced by 85% in this case. We also eliminated the cost of parchment paper.

Textile Core Services

Radial Crush Testing

This measuring technique determines the pressure applied to a core by the yarn wound on it.

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String-up Efficiency Improvement

Save costs and reduce waste with this critical component of the production process.

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