Speciality Cores

Sonoco Alcore offers speciality cores including construction cores and metal cores.

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Our construction products are the most economical and efficient way to build round columns for buildings, entryways, structural columns, light posts and other commercial and residential structures. 
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Metal Cores

We work to understand your production process and requirements in order to provide a core that safely supports metal rolls. In order to correctly specify paper cores for metal industries, it is very important to understand the material type such as stainless steel, aluminium, or other metal sheets. In conjunction with the material type we need to understand the caliper of the material and possible coatings. Depending on the process requirements, we can determine what core design is needed.
Case Study

Solving V-buckle and Sag Issues

This producer of aluminum coated products uses different cores for different calipers and experience sags and v-buckles in the aluminum, costing up to €30K per roll and damaging the aluminum. We visited the producer’s sites and performed testing at our Core Competency Centre to optimise cores for each site. As a result, the customer avoided v-buckle and sag issues, saving €30K per damaged roll as well as 5-10% cost savings on core spend through our optimisation project.   

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