Radial Crush Testing

Historically, certain film and man-made fibre yarn cores have been tested using flat crush to measure strength and avoid core failures. This measurement is useful but doesn’t fully represent the forces and pressures placed on a core during yarn winding, storage and unwinding.

Radial Crush

  • Designed for your process - The core is designed to manage the radial forces occurring in customer applications in order to maintain dimensional stability.
  • Reduces your cost – Using an optimised core reduces costs as they perform as required
  • Increases your productivity - Consistent and reliable performance by adjusting the safety margin
  • Decreases your waste – Product is not lost or damaged due to core failures
  • Specified to your needs - Deliver insights into a customer’s different machines/settings/material types.

Did you know? 

Our Radial Tester is endorsed by the Composite Can and Tube Institute (CCTI) in the USA as an accepted test method (CCTI Standard Testing Procedure T-158) as of June 2012. Commercial testers are now available directly from Sonoco Alcore so you can independently test the Radial Crush strength of your cores. Please contact us for more details.
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