In-House Core Cutting

Handling the entire core preparation process for the convenience of our customers.

Sonoco Alcore now has the ability to manage your full core process with in-house core solutions. This service was designed to help the customer who works with huge core and reel width complexities, uses old-fashioned core cutters, and spends too much time overall manually preparing cores on a daily basis. 

Sonoco can help by managing core ordering, core deliveries, core planning, core cutting, core reusing and recycling, inventory, and internal transport to consumption points.

The Sonoco Alcore Process

Sonoco Alcore In-House Cutting Process
  1. Planning: Sonoco receives core orders or directly accesses the customer's planning system.
  2. Mother Core Delivery:Sonoco orders and delivers new cores.
  3. Core Cutting: Sonoco cuts cores at its own operation on the customer's site.
  4. Transport: Sonoco manages internal transportation to slitters and winders.
  5. Storage: Sonoco supplies and stores cores next to winders and slitters.
  6. Slitting and Winding: Customer uses cores for slitting and winding.
  7. Scrap and Recycling: Sonoco picks up used cores and assesses the potential for reuse.
  8. Core Preparation Back-up: Sonoco works closely with customer on plan for eventual back-up core preparation.

These services save you money by:

  • Improving your overall production efficiency
  • Reducing core inventory and buffer stock levels
  • Decreasing core waste
  • Boosting cutting quality with state-of-the-art equipment
  • Eliminating administrative activities (ordering, planning, invoicing, etc.)
  • Following strict safety standards

This concept was originally designed to help paper and film manufacturers with core width complexity and core reuse, and now it’s available to everyone. Our goal is to provide a highly professional on-site core preparation service with 24/7 technical expertise and us support to anyone who needs it. Currently, five leading market players count on our on-site expertise every day. We have been able to help them professionalize core cutting on-site and leverage additional process saving opportunities to give them a competitive advantage and we hope to do the same for you. 

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