Dynamic Strength Testing

Accurately assesses roll weight capacity

We use the dynamic strength test during core design and quality control to make sure our cores withstand the alternating stresses of winding and unwinding.

Dynamic Strength vs. Flat Crush

Our dynamic strength tester is part of our standard quality controls and used over a flat crush test because flat crush testing does not allow for dynamic strength/roll weight capacity prediction.

What does our Sonoco Alcore Dynamic Strength Tester allow us to do for you?

  • Accurate simulation of core use - The stress distribution created using our tester accurately simulates real loading conditions on the core
  • Winding/unwinding curves – We can simulate any winding/unwinding curve with a variety of chucks, accurately simulating your production environment
  • Ability to test various core dimensions - We can test different core dimensions used by our customers
  • Avoid delamination – Our tester can determine if and where a costly delamination may occur so we can design a core solution to avoid it

What can Sonoco Alcore do for you?

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