M-Cores are proven to offer superior performance under the most demanding operating conditions due to their world-class straightness, bending stiffness and higher E-modulus values.

M-Cores are produced using the Sonoco Alcore® patented concept of using self-manufactured (wide-ply) coreboard with a unique manufacturing process. The ability to produce such a core demonstrates why Sonoco Alcore® continues its position at the leading edge of core development and production in the European paper industry providing innovative solutions and, most importantly, meeting the needs of our customers and the end users in the printing industry.

Benefits in Brief

  • Safe unwinding speed can be reached with a smaller amount of rest paper
  • Better ‘run-ability’ in paper mill winder
  • Eliminates web breaks induced by excessive vibrations
  • Tolerates greater bending deformation if driven too close to resonance
  • Less elongation during winding
  • Lessens risk of center bursts
  • Easier to wind a tighter paper reel bottom
  • Better dimensional stability in variable storage and transportation conditions

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