M-Core HT

The M-Core™HT meets the needs of both paper mill customers and end users in the printing industry by delivering a core that manages the fastest winding speeds and provides a solution for centre burst and elongation issues.

Serving the Needs of the High-End Paper Industry

The M-Core™HT is part of the revolutionary Sonoco Alcore® M-Core™ series paper mill cores which are designed to manage unprecedented winding speeds and reel widths within the paper and printing industry. Like the M-Core™ series, the M-Core™HT is produced using Sonoco Alcore’s patented Wide Ply Technology and innovative manufacturing process. When you combine this with the specifically engineered design of the M-Core™HT you experience a core that reduces centre bursts and elongation during the winding/unwinding process. By specifically reducing these issues, the M-Core™HT increases productivity and reduces downtime at the paper mill. 

In addition, the M-Core™HT improves runnability, eliminates web breaks caused by excessive vibrations, and delivers excellent dimensional stability. The benefits delivered by the M-Core™HT also positively impact end users in the printing industry by increasing the efficiency of their operations. 

Benefits in Brief

  • Increased productivity due to decreased centre bursts
  • Significant cost savings - less wasted product
  • Safe unwinding speed can be reached with a smaller amount of rest paper
  • Improved runnability in the paper mill winder
  • Eliminates web breaks induced by excessive vibrations
  • Excellent dimensional stability in variable storage and transportation conditions
  • Tolerates greater bending deformation if driven close to resonance • 100% recyclable

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Case Study

Reducing Centre Bursts

Our lightweight coated paper product was experiencing 50 claims per year as a result of centre bursts.  After switching to the M-Core HT they no longer experience centre burst or elongation issues, which provided €150,000 in cost savings in the first year.

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