Paper Mill Cores

Welcome to the next generation in high-performance paper mill cores. Our cores are designed to meet the needs of highly advanced printing technologies and to withstand high winding speeds and reel widths.


We have developed a new generation of high-performance paper mill cores for the printing industry to meet the demands of highly advanced printing technologies.

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The M-Core HT serves the needs of the high-end paper industry by delivering a core that offers reduced centre bursts and elongation during the winding/unwinding process.

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Our breakthrough Intellicore™ paper roll identification technology enables automatic paper roll inventory tracking in areas of paper and paper-product manufacturing.

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Paper Mill Core
Case Study

Inhouse core preparation service with Ahlstrom-Munksjö Italy

Sonoco Alcore has in partnership Ahlstrom-Munksjö Italy created and established an inhouse core preparation service for internal core handling. Through close collaboration between the two companies, we developed a tailor-made solution to match customer needs. Nowadays, Sonoco employers handle the full core preparation service at the premises of the Ahlstrom-Munksjö Italy´s mill.   This service is operating very positively and provides multiple benefits to our partner. The mill can now put a large focus on their main business, paper manufacturing. Key factors for the success have been a strong partnership working closely together, teamwork from preparation to execution and state-of-the art equipment. (March 2019)

Paper Mill Core Services

Dynamic Strength

Our dynamic strength testing is part of our standard quality controls to ensure our cores can stand up to the rigors of use.

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Torque Resistance and Critical Speed Evaluation

This evaulation ensures our paper mill cores won't slip or be damaged by vibrations.

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Roll Identification

Get automatic roll inventory tracking throughout the entire production and supply chain process.

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In-House Core Cutting

We can manage ordering, deliveries, planning, cutting, reusing and recycling, inventory, and internal transport.

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