Radial Core

Sonoco Alcore® designed the Radial Crush testing method to simulate the deformations occurring when elastic materials are wound on a core. Cores designed using Radial Crush Technology allow producers to reduce costs and increase productivity.

Today, Sonoco Alcore® is leading the way in standardising Radial Crush Technology in the European paper core market. As the technology leader, Sonoco Alcore® focuses on understanding customers’ needs as well as market changes. We realize that many producers are experiencing added pressure to reduce costs associated with production, packaging and inventory while at the same time increasing productivity. In particular, we are seeing significant focus by the European Commission to reduce packaging waste for both plastic and paper as well as reduce carbon footprints. Cores designed using Radial Crush Technology allow producers to reduce costs and increase productivity by using the right core for the right application.

The Right Core for the Right Application

Why is Radial Crush important for the film & textile industry? When applying winding tension to elastic material it elongates and, due to its memory effect, it tries to return to its original state, consequently creating radial pressure on the surface of the core. This means that the force is exerted uniformly around the circumference of the core surface as shown to the left in figure1. The core reacts to the radial pressure by reducing its inside and outside diameter and simultaneously the core length increases. Traditionally, the method for measuring core strength has been Flat Crush. However, the deformations occurring in this test are different from those when radial pressure is applied, thus not simulating the right conditions when film or textiles are wound on the core.

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