QS Series

The Sonoco Alcore® QS Series of high performance film cores are specifically engineered to meet the increasing demands of packaging highly sensitive films and foils.

Our high performance film cores are designed to offer maximum dimensional stability, straightness and smoothness. If these features are not optimized and tailored to your specifications the risk of surface defects, wrinkles, and deformations for your customer may be increased. Sonoco Alcore® high performance film cores are specified and tested to minimize these problems during the film production and transportation. Every high performance film core we produce is measured in terms of roughness, smoothness and moisture content, as well as straightness and outside diameter (OD). This ensures that your high value product is protected during winding, transportation and unwinding, maximizing your productivity and lowering your overall cost.

Maximum Output

Efficient film winding is dependent on the core’s smoothness, straightness and surface properties. Specifically, waviness and roughness are crucial properties in more demanding applications. Sonoco Alcore® understands the importance of these attributes to your productivity and has created a specific range of high-performance film cores with properties corresponding to your needs. This delivers a smooth, straight, and clean core that minimizes film damage and maximizes production efficiency

Sonoco Alcore® - added services to the film industry

  • Specific surface properties - ability to tailor the surface properties of the core to your needs.
  • Vibration/pressure measurement - measurements on your line can be completed to troubleshoot production deficiencies. 

Benefits in Brief

  • Increased film yields
  • Reduced set-up times
  • Decreased film wastage caused by defects
  • Protection of high value film

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