General Film Cores

Sonoco AlcoreĀ® film cores are designed to specifically manage the stresses and pressures experienced during winding, handling, storage, and unwinding of various film types.

Depending on the film product, different core properties are required to provide efficient winding and contribute to a good roll structure. One of the biggest issues for the film industry is core crushing. When this occurs it causes machine downtime for you, the film producer (when a core gets stuck on a mandrel), and adds waste and cost to your customer (core crushes during storage or transportation). In order to avoid these issues, you need to use reliable, durable and cost effective cores. Sonoco Alcoreā„¢ provides the leading cores in the industry which use the latest testing technologies, such as radial crush, to ensure that you are provided with the optimal core for your needs.

Benefits in Brief

  • Specific Surface Properties - Ability to tailor the surface properties of the core to your needs.
  • Vibration/pressure measurement - Measurements on your line can be completed to increase production efficiency.
  • Quickstripe adhesive strip - To speed up your start-up process
  • Identify the critical points in the logistic chain in regard to moisture and core properties to prevent problems.

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