Film Cores

Our film cores are designed specifically to manage the stresses and pressures experienced during winding, handling, storage and unwinding of various film types.

Depending on the film, you need different core properties to provide efficient winding and contribute to a good roll structure. One of the biggest issues for the film industry is core crushing, which can cause machine downtime and add waste and cost for your customers. Sonoco Alcore’s dedicated film segment team provides industry-leading cores that use the latest testing technologies, such as radial crush, to ensure that you receive the best core for your needs.


Dricore NG

The new DricoreNG water-resistant paper core for the agricultural film industry has the appearance of a traditional paper core, however, it maintains all of the same critical performance characteristics as the original Dricore product.

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QS Series

These high-performance film cores are specifically engineered to meet the increasing demands of packaging highly sensitive films and foils, offering maximum dimensional stability, straightness and smoothness.

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Radial Core

Sonoco Alcore® designed the Radial Crush testing method to simulate the deformations occurring when elastic materials are wound on a core. Cores designed using Radial Crush Technology allow producers to reduce costs and increase productivity by using the right core for the right application.

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General Film Cores

We provide a variety of reliable, durable general film cores to meet the unique needs of plastic film producers. By utilising our patented Radial Crush technology we deliver a core that is optimised for both performance and cost.

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Case Study

Radial Strength Optimisation

Our customer, a protective film producer, was experiencing core crushing because the core they were using was not optimised for radial strength. Solution After field testing, we used our patented radial tester to ensure we achieved the required radial strength. Result Our customer saved €300,000 after optimising their cores.

Film Core Services

Radial Crush Testing

Get the full picture of the forces and pressures placed on a core during yarn winding, storage and unwinding.

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Roll Identification

Intellicore roll identification enables automatic roll inventory tracking throughout the entire production and supply chain process.

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