This week Sonoco Alcore returned from ITMA 2019, the world's largest textile and garment technology exhibition in Barcelona, Spain. ITMA only occurs every four years in Europe and Sonoco's history with the trade show goes back decades. However, this year was set to become the largest yet with 120,000 expected visitors from 147 countries.

Sonoco Alcore participated this year together with Sonoco Plastics and had colleagues visit the stand from the global textile organization. The great diversity in Sonoco's team really helped serve customers from all parts of the world as the demand for quality textile tubes and cores was sky high. Products showing particularly large interest were the new re-pulpable spandex core – EcoSPAN - and the revolutionary RFID core – Intellitexcore.

In conclusion, our Sonoco family are grateful for the great interest in our business and for all of the visitors who took the time to visit the booth and exhibition. We hope to see you again very soon and to continue this tradition in 2023, Milano, Italy. 

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