Paper Mills

Five, strategically located paper mills across Europe

We produce a range of brown board grades from low-end chipboard to high grades, delivering the correct board for the application and ensuring you have the required grade, thickness and density factor for your application. If you have a special need based on strength, caliper or cost, our team can create a custom board that meets your specific requirements.

Paper Mill Certifications and Accreditations

We use standardized processes in our mills to ensure consistent board quality.

Recycling Efforts in Europe

Sonoco Alcore operates the first and only beverage carton recycling operation in the United Kingdom in conjunction with the Alliance of Beverage Cartons & the Environment (ACE) UK at its paper mill in Stainland, West Yorkshire.

Environmental Benefits

Reducing Emissions - Reducing the carbon footprint of local authorities, who previously had to send cartons outside of the UK for recycling Recycling assurance – Offering local authorities and waste management companies absolute assurance that collected cartons will be recycled in the UK Landfill avoidance - Sending cartons to landfill required landfill taxes and gate fees, which local authorities can avoid with recycling Doubling kerbside collection rates – Doubling kerbside collection of cartons for recycling by the end of the first year