You can trust our quality.

We understand that we’re an integral part of your manufacturing process and our quality directly affects your business. With a European-wide manufacturing footprint, we continuously track production and analyse trends, ensuring your product is produced at the most optimal location.

Our quality isn’t just about our products. It also covers your entire customer experience, including product packaging, invoicing and delivery, and customer service.

“Quality starts with understanding our customers’ needs and expectations, building trust with our customers as partners so they can count on us as suppliers.”


- Reinier Vink, Director of European Quality

We measure and track our quality performance for every customer we serve.  View our European Quality Policy and Scope.

We use the following metrics as part of our quality system:

  • On-time and in-full delivery
  • Customer product returns
  • Dedicated global complaint management system
  • Customer satisfaction as part of our Net Promoter Score (NPS) implementation