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Sonoco Alcore

  • In-House Core Cutting

    Pulling Out All The Stops

    We now offer in-house core cutting for lower costs, shorter lead times, and less waste.

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    Technical Leadership

    Our Dynamic Strength Tester simulates real loading conditions placed on a core, allowing us to design and identify the core solution you need.

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    Now serving the Middle East and Africa

    Sonoco Alcore can now reliably supply your facilities in the Middle East and Africa (MEA). Our many customers across the MEA region turn to us for our technical leadership and our dedicated sales team.

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We are a world-class manufacturer and technological leader in the tube and core industry.

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  • 100% Recyclable tubes & cores

  • 28 Sitesfor manufacturing

  • 65 Countriesuse our products

  • 6 New ProductsIntroduced in 2012


Product Spotlight

  • M-Liner cores

    A higher performance core for linerboard producers

    Faster paper machine speed, wider paper machines and more meters per roll in linerboard production require a higher performance core. Using our wide-ply technology, we produce M-liner cores with higher dynamic strength and stiffness to manage these demands.

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  • Delta Core Paper Cop

    Replacing expensive metal cops with a 100% recyclable solution

    The Delta Core paper cop replaces expensive metal cops used in polyamide yarn production, avoiding time and money spent on collecting and refurbishing metal cops, removing the need to use plastic sleeves, and reducing inventory.

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  • M-Core HT  cores

    Removing elongation and centre burst issues

    M-Core HT cores have been designed to manage increased winding speeds and reel widths using our patented wide-ply technology. M-Core HT  cores remove elongation and centre burst issues during the winding/unwinding process, increasing productivity and delivering cost savings.

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  • FirmaLoad Pallets

    Bulk bag transportation pallet that’s made of 100% recyclable paperboard

    Sonoco Alcore offers you an environmentally friendly and ISPM 15-exempt recyclable pallet. New FirmaLoad bulk bag sustainable pallets are 100% recyclable at the end of their life cycle and are designed to make your bulk product stand tall and straight while being stored and shipped.

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